What Makes LEEDGen+ a great choice for you?

LEEDGen+ Culture Statement!


At LEEDGen+, we believe that our teammates are our greatest asset, and we are committed to creating a work environment that supports their professional and personal growth. We offer regular training and development programs, mentorship opportunities, and other resources to help our employees build their skills and advance their careers


LEEDGen+ Collaborative Environment!

Our collaborative and inclusive work culture is one of the cornerstones of our company. We encourage our employees to share their ideas and perspectives, and we believe that this diversity of thought leads to better outcomes and more innovative solutions.
We also recognize the importance of work-life balance and offer flexible work arrangements such as remote work options and flexible schedules, so that our employees can manage their personal and professional responsibilities more effectively.

What Qualities Do We Seek?

R (1)-1Teamwork Skills

You need to be able to work well with others in your lead generation agency. You should be able to collaborate with your colleagues, managers, and clients on various projects and tasks. You should also be able to share your ideas, feedback, and best practices with your team members. You should also be respectful, supportive, and flexible with your team members.

people_teaching_class-01Sales Skills

You need to be able to convert your leads into customers. You should be able to follow up with your prospects, build rapport and trust, overcome objections, and close deals. You should also be able to upsell and cross-sell your products or services to increase your revenue and customer retention. You should also be able to handle rejection and feedback professionally and learn from your mistakes.

talking-clipart-communication-9Communication Skills

You need to be able to communicate effectively with both your clients and your prospects. You should be able to listen to their needs, understand their pain points, and present solutions that match their expectations. You should also be able to write clear and persuasive emails, messages, and proposals that can capture the attention of your prospects and convince them to take action.

technical-skills-icon-12Technical Skills

You need to be able to use various software and tools that can help you streamline and automate your lead generation process. You should be proficient in using CRM systems, lead generation tools, email marketing tools, analytics tools, etc. You should also be able to troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise during your lead generation activities.

Research Skills

You need to be able to conduct thorough and accurate research on your target market, industry, competitors, and prospects. You should be able to use various tools and sources to gather relevant and reliable data that can help you identify and qualify potential leads. You should also be able to analyze and interpret the data to find patterns, trends, and insights that can help you optimize your lead generation strategy.

Marketing-SkillsMarketing Skills

You need to be able to use various marketing techniques and channels to generate and nurture leads. You should be familiar with digital marketing platforms such as social media, email, webinars, blogs, podcasts, etc. You should also be able to create and execute marketing campaigns that can attract, engage, and convert your prospects. You should also be able to measure and evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts and make adjustments as needed.

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Do you have what it takes?

Join the LEEDGen+ team and help us drive growth and success! We’re currently seeking talented and motivated sales representatives to join our team as appointment setters and closers. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a dynamic and innovative company, helping to connect potential customers with our products and services. If you have a passion for sales and are looking for an exciting new challenge, we want to hear from you.

Apply now and take the first step towards a rewarding career with LEEDGen+!


Meet The Team!

I started this company because I saw a huge gap in the market for lead generation services that are affordable, scalable, and effective. At LEEDGen+, we help businesses grow their sales pipeline and revenue by providing them with a team of professional sales representatives who generate leads, set appointments, and close deals. We are different from other lead generation agencies because we offer flexible pricing plans and guaranteed results. You only pay for verified appointments that meet your criteria.

Ramy L.


I have been working at LEEDGen+ as the head of operations for 1 year and I am very satisfied with the company’s performance, culture and values.

LEEDGen+ has a smooth and efficient operational system that ensures the delivery of our services on time and within budget. I have been responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operations of the company, including planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the resources and processes. I have also been involved in developing and implementing new operational strategies and policies to improve our productivity and profitability.

Jared Bradford

Head Of Operations & Client Relations.

LEEDGen+ has a strong commitment to learning and development that supports the growth and performance of its employees. I have been responsible for creating, implementing and evaluating training programs and materials that meet the needs and objectives of the different departments. I have also been involved in designing and facilitating learning solutions that incorporate various training theories and methods, such as e-learning, job aids, tutorials and demonstration models.

Noah C.

Co-Founder & Head Of Training Department

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Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are experts in their fields and passionate about helping our clients succeed. We foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning, and offer ample opportunities for professional growth and development.

If you're looking for a fulfilling career in the BPO industry, we invite you to explore our current openings and join our team at LEEDGen+