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LeedGen+ is a company that helps businesses grow their sales pipeline and revenue by providing them with qualified, un-tapped leads and appointments.

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To be the leading provider of high-quality leads for the solar and real-estate industries in the United States, and to help our clients grow their businesses and achieve their goals by outsourcing to us.

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To deliver innovative and effective lead generation solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our clients, and to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with them.

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At our company, we hold several values in high regard: integrity, excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation, teamwork, and social responsibility. We are dedicated to upholding these values in all our interactions by acting with honesty, transparency, and respect. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and value to our clients and partners while continuously improving our processes, products, and performance. We embrace creativity and new ideas to solve challenges and create opportunities. Effective collaboration and communication with our colleagues and stakeholders is key to our success. Additionally, we are committed to supporting the development and well-being of our employees and communities.

Our Departments

Strategy Department

This team is responsible for developing and implementing the overall lead generation strategy for the agency and its clients. They analyze the market, the competitors, the target audience, and the client’s goals and value proposition. They also design and optimize the lead generation funnel and the lead qualification criteria.



This team is responsible for executing and managing the lead generation campaigns for the agency and its clients. They use various tools and platforms to create and distribute content, ads, emails, social media posts, etc., that attract and engage prospects. They also monitor and measure the performance and ROI of the campaigns using data and analytics



This team is responsible for contacting and converting the leads generated by the marketing team into appointments or demonstrations for the agency’s clients. They use various skills and techniques to communicate, persuade, and negotiate with prospects. They also follow up with leads and appointments and handle objections and rejections



This team is responsible for supporting and coordinating the activities of the other teams. They provide administrative, technical, financial, legal to the agency. They also ensure compliance with quality standards, policies, and regulations


Human resources (HR)

The main roles of the HR department include recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, performance management, employee relations, and compliance. These roles help the organization recruit, train, support, and retain a qualified and diverse workforce that contributes to its goals and objectives.


Training Department

The training department is the part of the organization that provides orientation, education, and coaching to the employees. The training department may design and deliver training programs, webinars, workshops, etc., that cover various topics, such as company policies, products or services, customer service, communication, persuasion, tools and platforms, etc. The training department also evaluates the impact and outcomes of the training activities and provides feedback and support to the employees.

Meet Our Team

I started this company because I saw a huge gap in the market for lead generation services that are affordable, scalable, and effective. At LEEDGen+, we help businesses grow their sales pipeline and revenue by providing them with a team of professional sales representatives who generate leads, set appointments, and close deals. We are different from other lead generation agencies because we offer flexible pricing plans and guaranteed results. You only pay for verified appointments that meet your criteria.

Ramy L.


I have been working at LEEDGen+ as the head of operations for 1 year and I am very satisfied with the company’s performance, culture and values.

LEEDGen+ has a smooth and efficient operational system that ensures the delivery of our services on time and within budget. I have been responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operations of the company, including planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the resources and processes. I have also been involved in developing and implementing new operational strategies and policies to improve our productivity and profitability.

Jared Bradford

Head Of Operations & Client Relations.

LEEDGen+ has a strong commitment to learning and development that supports the growth and performance of its employees. I have been responsible for creating, implementing and evaluating training programs and materials that meet the needs and objectives of the different departments. I have also been involved in designing and facilitating learning solutions that incorporate various training theories and methods, such as e-learning, job aids, tutorials and demonstration models.

Noah C.

Co-Founder & Head Of Training Department

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